Just a few days left in 2021

Happy Almost New Year,

As you are finishing up your giving for the year, we hope you will consider our ministry- Freedom 5:one.  

We are changing the world, one budget at a time!

God is at work, and we are excited.  2022 looks to be a great year.  We are launching 2 new initiatives.

  1. We are launching a new community-focused initiative called Journey Financial Group.  Click here to check out the details.  This program is geared to help businesses, schools and nonprofits have access to inexpensive, life-changing financial coaching.
  2. We are also launching a new ministry initiative to Single Women. Never married, divorced or widowed, we are wanting to partner with them with inexpensive, life-changing financial coaching. God has sent us a leader for this initiative, and we are excited.

As we are moving into the end of the year, like most ministries we are trying to raise some money to help us finish the year strong and reload for next year. We have two needs we would love for you to consider.

To Finish 2021 Strong- Individual Staff Fund
Each of our staff are raising funds here at the end and you can help them reach their goals.

To Launch 2022- Scholarship Fund
We are attempting to raise 100 scholarships for families who can’t afford financial coaching.  Because of the generosity of our financial partners, we provide our coaching for a fraction of the cost that we would need to in a business setting.  We estimate that we charge 20-25% of what it’s worth.  This allows the client to have a little skin in the game.  $250 provides a family a year’s worth of coaching and you can change the life of someone for $250. 

If you are interested in investing in either of these opportunities, click here to give.

All year end gift must be received by midnight 12/31/21 to be counted for 2021 giving.

Thanks for your interest in our mission to impact individuals and families for the Lord in this critical area of financial coaching.  If you want more information about our ministry, go to our website.

Thanks for considering our ministry. If you have any questions give us a shout.

Chris Haas and Tim Howington
Freedom 5:one Ministries

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