3 Ways to Give Purposefully Back to the Community

One of the signs of a healthy financial system is generosity as is evidenced by giving to causes near and dear to your heart!

Our community is awash with Spring Fundraisers.  Seems like all the churches are having spring break mission trips.  All the the non-profits are targeting tax return season.  It can be overwhelming and if you are not careful you can become a bit jaded or bitter towards all the requests or potential requests you are receiving.  But, if you have a plan for your finances (specifically your giving dollars) this can be one of the greatest times of the year for you.  Giving opportunities when you have money set aside for giving is one of the more encouraging seasons of your finances.  Like a kid in a candy store with a little change!

I heard of a man who said recently, “I wish all these kids would stop sending me letters about their mission trips.”

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Jesus and Money

the-king-and-his-money-cover-1 Ever wonder what Jesus had to say about money?  Some say that He spoke as much about money as heaven or hell.  Ever wondered where the verses were about the topic.  We have taken the guess work out of it.  We have identified the key passages in the gospels where Jesus talks about money, uses money to illustrate something or verses that talk about areas where money intersects strongly.  Click here to get the study!

Sidenote: some of the parables about money are more than one gospel so we included it all.. you can compare between them to see if there are significant difference!

What Should I do if I don’t Feel Led to Give to a Missionary?

hide and seekDon’t give.

You may not believe this but missionaries are not assuming that you are going to give to their ministry.  They hope you might.  But honestly, they have no idea where God is going to send the money from.  All they can do is meet with folks, share their vision and wait to see what happens.  They don’t think less of you or judge you.  They just want you to consider their option. Earlier I wrote an article entitle Why would I say no to a Missionary where we addressed the great opportunity to be involved as a financial and prayer partner with ministries around the world.  But the reality is that the Lord will not lead us to support every cause we are exposed to.  He knows and we know that we have limited resources and must be strategic with the giving money we are stewarding. Continue reading “What Should I do if I don’t Feel Led to Give to a Missionary?”

Why Would I Say No to a Missionary?

I had a world changing meeting at Cracker Barrell this morning.  I had the privilege to sit down with a young couple committed to reaching college students for Christ.  Their story was like many other missionaries.  God has called them to make a difference in a specific part of our world and they are in the process of raising their personal support.  By that I mean, they are working full time in their ministry and are looking to identify potential financial backers who will give regularly to their ministry.  And they were asking me and my family to pray about becoming a financial and prayer partner.  The answer is yes.  It is always yes.  Why would I say no to a missionary?  Old kingdom guys like me are praying for young kingdom guys like them to take up the torch to do the work of the kingdom. Continue reading “Why Would I Say No to a Missionary?”

Chapter 9- Can I Trust Him?

JPEG Cover-Vibrantby Tim Howington

Chapter 9

 Can I Trust Him?

 The long and the short of it is simply an issue of trust.  Can you and I trust God?  Can you trust Him to make all things work out for good in your life?  This is the essence of the faith walk: trust.  Without faith (trust) it is impossible to please Him and faith (trust) is in its very nature a belief in things we cannot see.  If you and I must walk by sight we will struggle in the faith walk.  And if I am honest, it is at this point that I struggle.  Can I trust Him?

My Dad passed away recently and as he was struggling through his last days I saw the fear in his eyes of uncertainty about death.  Continue reading “Chapter 9- Can I Trust Him?”

Chapter Eight- Refreshed by Generosity

JPEG Cover-VibrantBy Tim Howington

Chapter Eight

 Refreshed by Generosity

 I don’t think she even understood how desperate our plight had become.  Not just in terms of money but more importantly morale.  Hundreds of prayers seem to be bouncing off the ceiling and as they say in Arkansas “my dauber was in the dirt.” And then the check came.  The check from one of our partners is normally $100 a month but this one was $300.  I called my buddy to thank him for the extra and he quickly deflected to his wife (whom I haven’t met yet).  Seems she felt impressed of the Lord to send some extra money.  I live in Arkansas and God led someone in Mississippi to meet a need that I have been petitioning Him about privately.  God moved another person to generosity on my behalf.  When I talked to my buddy his comment was classic, “don’t thank us, it’s not our money anyway, we just manage the Lord’s money”.  I have just been refreshed by generosity.

What does that have to do with managing ourselves in times of financial crisis?  Continue reading “Chapter Eight- Refreshed by Generosity”