Jesus and Money

the-king-and-his-money-cover-1 Ever wonder what Jesus had to say about money?  Some say that He spoke as much about money as heaven or hell.  Ever wondered where the verses were about the topic.  We have taken the guess work out of it.  We have identified the key passages in the gospels where Jesus talks about money, uses money to illustrate something or verses that talk about areas where money intersects strongly.  Click here to get the study!

Sidenote: some of the parables about money are more than one gospel so we included it all.. you can compare between them to see if there are significant difference!

Is Your God Big Enough for Your Money Troubles?

Last night my son exposed me to the biggest star that science has discovered to date. The name of the star is VY Canis Majoris. Before I begin to spew my Astronomical ignorance or steal the thunder from the video we have embedded, let me just say that this star is huge. Even the name, Canis (dog) Majoris (big), implies the girth of this big dog star. The picture shows its size as compared to the earth’s orbit around the sun. I see this and all of a sudden I am struck with the immensity of our God and the finiteness of myself. Our God literally spoke a word and the universe came into play including Canis Majoris. Continue reading “Is Your God Big Enough for Your Money Troubles?”