What Should I do if I don’t Feel Led to Give to a Missionary?

hide and seekDon’t give.

You may not believe this but missionaries are not assuming that you are going to give to their ministry.  They hope you might.  But honestly, they have no idea where God is going to send the money from.  All they can do is meet with folks, share their vision and wait to see what happens.  They don’t think less of you or judge you.  They just want you to consider their option. Earlier I wrote an article entitle Why would I say no to a Missionary where we addressed the great opportunity to be involved as a financial and prayer partner with ministries around the world.  But the reality is that the Lord will not lead us to support every cause we are exposed to.  He knows and we know that we have limited resources and must be strategic with the giving money we are stewarding. Continue reading “What Should I do if I don’t Feel Led to Give to a Missionary?”