3 Ways to Give Purposefully Back to the Community

One of the signs of a healthy financial system is generosity as is evidenced by giving to causes near and dear to your heart!

Our community is awash with Spring Fundraisers.  Seems like all the churches are having spring break mission trips.  All the the non-profits are targeting tax return season.  It can be overwhelming and if you are not careful you can become a bit jaded or bitter towards all the requests or potential requests you are receiving.  But, if you have a plan for your finances (specifically your giving dollars) this can be one of the greatest times of the year for you.  Giving opportunities when you have money set aside for giving is one of the more encouraging seasons of your finances.  Like a kid in a candy store with a little change!

I heard of a man who said recently, “I wish all these kids would stop sending me letters about their mission trips.”

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