Just a few days left in 2021

Happy Almost New Year,

As you are finishing up your giving for the year, we hope you will consider our ministry- Freedom 5:one.  

We are changing the world, one budget at a time!

God is at work, and we are excited.  2022 looks to be a great year.  We are launching 2 new initiatives.

  1. We are launching a new community-focused initiative called Journey Financial Group.  Click here to check out the details.  This program is geared to help businesses, schools and nonprofits have access to inexpensive, life-changing financial coaching.
  2. We are also launching a new ministry initiative to Single Women. Never married, divorced or widowed, we are wanting to partner with them with inexpensive, life-changing financial coaching. God has sent us a leader for this initiative, and we are excited.
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