The Bride and Her Money

bride-coverOne of the biggest transitions for a new married couple is moving from me to we.  After a life of singleness the coming together can be a challenge for the twosome.  This is true for several areas but particularly challenging in the area of finance.  The number one cause of divorce is unresolved conflict and while couple fight over a lot of things conflict over finances is at the top of the list.

One of the more interesting analogies in the faith walk is the picture of Christ as husband and the Church as bride.  While that picture is compelling, it can also be helpful in understanding how we can relate to the Lord.  As we continue our study of Biblical principles about money, this study cover verses from Acts to Revelations.  This section of Scripture is a look at the early church (Bride of Christ).  From a great history lesson in Acts to instructional letters to the young church from the apostles this section is rich with things we need to know as believers including principles about money.

Let’s us know if you want a copy!  Info on Resource Page

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